I’m running to represent Ward 2 because the City Council needs to be doing a better job advocating for the real needs of our community. The partisan antics of the Council are pushing people out of the democratic process. We don't want Burlington to become Washington DC - that's not our style.

We hear a lot of talk about putting people first, but what's really happening is politicians are putting political grandstanding & partisanship ahead of everything. 


The City Council needs to stop acting symbolically and start working collaboratively, both amongst themselves and with the public, to make concrete steps towards progress


Take Part in Something Great


Putting My Experience
to Work

Favorite Ben & Jerry's Flavor:

-Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz

Favorite Mountain:

-Camel's Hump

Favorite Spot in Ward 2:

-The Intervale

Quick Facts


-Burlington, VT 1992

Best weekend activity:

-Biking on the waterfront (Summer)

-Backcountry skiing (Winter)

I'm a life-long Vermonter, born in Burlington and raised in Chittenden County.  As a young adult, I chose to return to build my future in Burlington.  I have experienced first-hand the struggles of finding affordable housing.  I want Burlington to be an affordable, inclusive, and vibrant community, and I am eager to work hard on these issues.  More importantly, I am well aware that not everyone in our community is feeling heard – whether you’re for or against bike lanes, want more or less development, support safe injection sites, or not, I want to hear from ALL of you. 

I believe decision making needs to be inclusive.  That includes engaging with all sides of every issue.

In my professional life I’ve done a lot of different things mostly in construction, maintenance, remodeling.  I currently work as a marketing professional, in a real estate company and have written grants for affordable housing.  I fully understand the complexity of finding ways to make Burlington more affordable and would like to bring these skills to the Council table.  I also love being an all seasons bike commuter, hiking our mountains, and generally enjoy Burlington Parks and Lake Champlain.


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