-Burlington is facing a housing crisis that we need to address immediately.

-More housing is needed to help stabilize rents and offer choices to residents.

-We need to remove unnecessary barriers to both building new housing and renovating existing housing units.

-Burlington needs to encourage density, while preserving the character of our historic neighborhoods.

-We need to facilitate more small scale development that will help our city grow organically.

-Housing needs to be available to everyone. We need to do everything we can to foster a mixed income community in Burlington.

Local Government

-Our current system does not work for the average Burlingtonian. We all have busy schedules and expecting people to take hours out of their Monday nights to attend these meetings prevents a majority of people from participating.

-Public forums are important venues for citizens to advocate for issues they're passionate about, but we need to allow for all voices to be heard both in and out of City Hall.

-Transparency is critical to the health of our community and local government. The only way to foster a government that works for everyone is to listen to neighbors 

-As your City Councilor, I promise to be both accessible and responsive.

North Winooski Avenue Redevelopment

-The current plan has adverse impacts on the parking available to residents, small businesses, and community services without a strategy to find viable alternatives

-While important to the city, this corridor is especially vital to Ward 2 and needs to be thoughtfully redone

-Bike lanes are important to me, and they are important to our city. We should implement them where appropriate and consider the effects it may have on the residents and businesses in our neighborhood.

Climate Change

-Burlington needs to be a national leader on Climate Change. We may be a small community in Vermont, but we are frequently a role model to other communities, showing them how real progress can be made.

-We need to be all in on our commitment to becoming a Net Zero Energy City by 2030, by making our buildings more efficient, investing in electric vehicles, and reducing our need for single occupancy vehicles.

-We need to create a robust network of bike lanes to encourage more people to bike and to ensure their safety.